Hi ! I'm Thomas, you can call me Birdiz
Web Developer - Rider - French


And you're on my lil' website! As you have the opportunity to see, I am a web developer, end-to-end, even though I have my preferance for PHP!! But I 'm not just sitting in my chair 12 hours a day, you know ... Learn more (french)

I like going on a trip and especially to grab the bike and go scoreless for taking pictures. You can also find the blog section of the site with the ideas I have in mind now ! (All my posts will be in french, sorry guys)

The urge to write and tell things fairly crude way has always been in me, but I never had the opportunity to put forward. The blog is also a way for me to step back from my thoughts and see my evolution. That's why few people will certainly agree with what I say...


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